Honeywell.jpgRetailers make thousands of decisions every day designed to increase their sales. Whether it’s a department store positioning an assistant in a busy thoroughfare to offer samples of the latest perfume, or a supermarket putting copies of the latest DVD next to the till to tempt a customer into a last minute £7.99 impulse buy, they are all a series of small decisions that, taken together, can make the difference between missing or hitting daily sales targets. 

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Netwatch-Crime.jpgNetwatch’s half year crime report shows fall in crime of 1%

Netwatch, Ireland’s leading high tech security specialists, has just released its Commercial Crime Report for the first half of 2014 showing a 1% decrease in criminal activity after several years of continuous increases.

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safe.jpgThe Private Security Authority (PSA) is the statutory body responsible for the licensing and regulation of the security industry in Ireland.

In May 2013, the PSA announced the establishment of a working group of industry stakeholders tasked with developing the requirements for the licensing of Locksmiths and Suppliers and Installers of Safes. 

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Lowering the Tone

July 21, 2014

Chris_Carter_Brennan.jpgDual path signalling is the best way of monitoring a premises (of a certain risk).

Systems are made up of a fixed line communications path (a physical link between premises, local exchange and network) and a radio/mobile link (a wireless connection to a local antenna, with a physical link to the network thereafter). You can use either the fixed line or radio link as the primary path - but this article looks at technologies used to monitor the fixed line, generally a copper circuit.

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Phonewatch.jpgPhoneWatch, one of Ireland’s most popular home protection company has opened its first office in the South East region at John’s Quay, Kilkenny.

The new office will see the creation of up to 15 jobs by the company in Kilkenny.

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Risco.jpgA comprehensive security solution designed to deliver tight security and safety measures at the 2014 World Cup games in Brazil, was selected for supply by global integrated security solutions provider, RISCO Group.

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