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Pyronix Limited is a world-leading manufacturer of electronic security equipment for use in residential, commercial and industrial applications in the intruder alarm market. 

Incorporated in 1986 by our former Chair and Chief Executive, Julie Kenny CDE DL, Pyronix is now part of the Hikvision group of companies. Primarily UK based, Pyronix designs multi-award-winning wired and wireless intruder alarm solutions, developed exclusively by our in-house R&D team, utilising market-leading technologies.

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With humble beginnings, we continue to pride ourselves on innovation and quality and have won numerous awards over the years in recognition of these qualities. 

Over the last 30-years the market has constantly changed and so have we; fostering an adaptive and innovative culture which is founded on our constant commitment to product R&D.  

Pyronix began with the world’s smallest PIR detector of its time and quickly established a firm foothold in the market. This allowed us to develop new detector technologies and ranges, as well as diversify to include a multitude of products, including sounders, speech diallers and even PC software.

We remain ahead of the curve and our award-winning range of wired, wireless and hybrid systems deliver the perfect solution for any project. In fact, our latest PyronixCloud and HomeControl+ App innovations highlight another shift in the market, adopting new technologies that bring video monitoring and home control options into our range.

Reliability, quality, innovation and customer service are the key motivations of everything we do and are key factors in everything we have achieved.

Our worldwide following of loyal customers are crucial to our success, and we would like to welcome you to the Pyronix and Hikvision family.

To keep up to date with all the latest developments and to join the conversation, follow us on twitter: @Pyronix 

HomeControl+ & PyonixCloud

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The PyronixCloud and HomeControl+ App enable control of the end user’s security system over secure IP communications, with maintenance, management and installation benefits for the installer.

The HomeControl+ App allows the end user to control their security system from the palm of their hand, on their smart device, from anywhere in the world. By simply accessing the application they are able to set and unset the system, receive customisable notifications and even live video monitor their property.

The application is ready to use in just four easy steps and because it connects via a cloud server, there is no need for on-site setup of static IP addresses or configuration of network connection by the installer. Instead, the installer simply goes to the PyronixCloud and sets up an account.  

The PyronixCloud infrastructure also allows remote diagnostics and programming of systems through our InSite UDL software. This saves the installer time and money, as well as increases the number of installations they are able to complete, which consequently makes it a more profitable solution. Furthermore, by offering PyronixCloud management services, recurring revenue streams can also be established; either by managing this or by allowing the end user access; this will increase customer retention and again make the system more profitable.

The PyronixCloud and HomeControl+ App maintain maximum security, with no sensitive user data stored on the Cloud and communications encrypted to the same accepted standard encryption level as the US Government (AES 256).

This infrastructure can be linked to any of our HomeControl+ App enabled wireless and hybrid control panels, which also means there is complete flexibility in the type of system that can be installed and expanded.

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Wireless Security

EnforcerPyronix Enforcer.png

Our Enforcer wireless security range is the Security Excellence Awards Innovation of the Year and the PSI Premier Awards winner.

The Enforcer is a two-way wireless control panel that uses wireless devices manufactured by Pyronix.  

Two-way wireless technology is an essential part of the system and is specifically designed to deliver high security protection, while being safe and reliable, which in turn provides major advantages to the installer. 

Each device on the Enforcer is a receiver and a transmitter, which provides a status reading at both the control panel and the wireless device. Additionally, when installing a wireless detector, LEDs on the device show whether the signal strength of the location is acceptable, which drastically cuts the time of the installation.

Boasting a continuously growing range of accessories, that includes: PIRs, smoke sensors, carbon monoxide sensors, wireless sounders, water leak sensors, and door contacts, the Enforcer can protect any premise easily and reliably. 

Furthermore, as the Enforcer is a wireless solution, installation flexibility is increased and installation time is greatly reduced, making it the perfect security solution where cabling is impractical, or in listed buildings where wiring is impossible.

Hybrid Security

Euro 46 APPPyronix.jpg

The brand new Euro 46 APP brings on-the-go HomeControl+ App capability and hybrid security together.

The ideal replacement for an existing control panel, or if the end user wants a more traditional wired system, the Euro 46 APP delivers all the great features of the Euro 46, with the addition of the PyronixCloud and HomeControl+ App infrastructure. 

This ability paired with a wireless expander, which allows you to add any of the Enforcer two-way wireless peripherals, provides a complete, robust and fully flexible security solution. 

A complete wired and wireless security system that offers the maximum installation flexibility and end user usability.

Customised Branding

To see our range of unique customised branding opportunities, which includes adding your logos on sounders, keypads, detectors and the HomeControl+ App, click here. 



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