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GSD announce new date for training academy on their Intruder Alarm Systems

January 31, 2018

New date for GSD Training Academy is February 21st 2018

Back in December 2017, GSD decided to change the way they train installers.  They developed a practise based syllabus instead of the look and learn approach which is often used.  With this in mind, they announced their first training academy of 2018. 

The date set was January 24th however they had exceeded their expectations with regards to numbers wishing to attend. They had originally intended to train just 8 people on the 24th of January but as demand for places grew they needed to expand their time frame.  They added two extra dates and when the dust settled after the 3 days they had trained 23 installers on their GSDi 2- 70 and GSDi 10-70 intruder systems.

Their process really struck a chord with companies and installers.  Subjects like IP reporting, Hikvision integration and the use of installer tools such as the GSD  iConnect platform gave the attendees new and interesting subject to learn.

They have now announced a second training day on February 21st and places have already started to fill. If you would like to attend this free training please contact:

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