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How the security industry needs to adapt in order to exist in the digital life of the customer.

May 9, 2019

We’re at the beginning of a revolutionary change for our industry. The day of selling purely hardware is over, there’s now a need to move to a hybrid model where software is a key part of your offering.

You’ll probably be familiar with the term “TheSmarter World”. This is based on trends we have all witnessed over the last 20 years, with Web, cloud, social and IoT now taking over. The change isn’t a question of if or when, it’s happening now; it’s what your customers are used to. You need to be able to lead and adapt your offering in order to respond to these customer expectations immediately. If you’re not, you will lose them.

The age of below par performance in digital is over, because your customers who are now dealing in those experiences every day, have come to expect things instantaneously and in a personalised manor. This means the data and intelligence they want to see, the speed they want it, how they prefer it presented and what’s most important to them. They want to be in control, want to explore and want to discover in real time.

As Installers, it’s no longer good enough to have a pigeon hole idea of the information a customer requires to see, or what we think is happening in real time on a site and provide them with information in a one-size-fits-all approach. The fact that there is so much noise, so much data, so many different systems used daily; and that each customer wants something tailored, means that we have put them at the heart of the CONXTD strategy and what we create. 

CONXTD offers real time knowledge and accessibility. It offers the power to figure out what’s happening in the moment, and if it's not working, fix it right there and then. It’s the ability to react and interact in the now, constantly. The potential to implement changes and best practices across other estates and brands in a customer group, with just a click.

It’s not only going to transform the consumer world, but the installer world too. It’ll enable you to enhance service levels by providing a proactive personalised service, with full visibility of what’s happening across every estate in a matter of moments.

CONXTD is starting the movement to a smarter, better-informed industry. 

Article written by Charlene Bulpitt, Head Of Marketing at CONXTD Technologies Ltd

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