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Using the Cloud to Build Business

January 25, 2017

As the cloud broadens our capacity for forward-thinking security solutions, it also enables companies such as Vanderbilt to build their business and strengthen their portfolio. For a business to succeed, it must grow, and sometimes a meeting of the minds and a merge of two companies is the perfect recipe to achieve this. That has been the case for the recent acquisition of ACT by Vanderbilt, offering an innovative cloud solution for access control and video management.

Today, the demand for access control that meets user’s needs is growing end over end. This means a way to manage systems from anywhere and at any time, with accessibility from any device. Cloud capabilities make that dream a reality.

Almost everyone has a smart phone now. Imagine being able to tap into your company system while you are traveling for work, or even on vacation. Having this information at your fingertips allows a stronger presence, and therefore higher efficiency and productivity. The ability to manage your security system remotely is instrumental in allowing your focus to be on building your business. Whereas typically it is impossible to be two places at once, the revolutionary premise of cloud technology allows this to now be possible.

As businesses expand there can sometimes be a breakdown in communication. The idea of always being connected is advantageous to companies experiencing this pitfall. By integrating disparate systems, such as video surveillance and access control, into a single cloud-based platform that can be universally utilized, the result is heightened communication and a unified front.

Vanderbilt was quick to realize the critical importance of cloud technology, especially when it comes to safety and security. A monumental concern for businesses is the protection of people and assets. This can be easier to deploy and manage using cloud solutions. With advanced access control management and video solutions, it is now easier than ever to obtain situational awareness that will provide the desired protection.

With the addition of the ACT cloud-based video and access management platform, integrators will now have the chance to build their business using recurring monthly revenue, an option that wasn’t available from Vanderbilt before its recent acquisition. Building business with the cloud is now a viable option and meets the demands of a new subset of customers.

Not only will this technology protect items, inventory and combat theft, but the cost efficiency of avoiding IT costs and maintenance make it an invaluable commodity. Individual PCs and servers are not required for a cloud solution. Now there is a user-friendly option that simply makes all of these components easier.

The nature of business is constantly changing, but one thing always remains the same. Growth is always good. Vanderbilt knows that access control, security and compliance are key elements that contribute to achieving bigger and better business. By aligning with cloud technology, innovative yet practical business and security solutions are readily available.


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